Ride around the world. How can I do that?

Anyone who reads unleashyouradventure.com as well, where Sherrie and I blog about motorcycle travel, may have noticed that we are on the road again. We plan to ride from Germany to Newfoundland (where Sherrie is from) and take whatever route lies in between.

Currently we are in Ulan Bator, Mongolia and I am writing this blog post from within a Ger, the traditional Mongolian nomads home.

Mongolian ger

We plan to take anywhere from several months to a year off. I am often asked how that is even possible (and of course what my boss thinks about it), as I am still employed in a small software
consulting company
in Stuttgart, Germany.

Well to be honest, Klaus, my boss, didn’t like the idea as much as I did. At least not as my boss.
But as a friend he said: “DO IT”.

And this is something that I, as an employee ,value a whole lot. What would have happened
if he would have said “no”? Well I would have quit the job and would have went anyway.
Klaus would have lost an excellent employee (self glorification  :-P) and I would have had
no job anymore.

Camping in Mongolia

I think any good boss will agree and help you. If not, you probably might want to reconsider
if you want to work for this person or company.

Once in a while I give some help and advice to my coworkers, and if I get totally bored (as you most likely would on a motorbike trip), since I anyway have my netbook with me, I can work on some internal projects from wherever I might be.

Riding on Olchon, Lake Baikal

As for the money I have a sabbatical agreement, that means I still get my reduced salary while not working (as I did when I was working).

But what if you don’t have such a nice and understanding boss? Are there other ways of earning money while you are on a trip? This is what I want to talk and explore in my next blog posts. Or to put it in another way: How can you achieve a location independent lifestyle? I will dive into an interesting e-business niche: ebooks.

BBQ at Lake Baikal

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