Smashwords Access for Android released

Smashwords is a great place to find books from indie authors and publishers. They provide ebooks in all kinds of different file formats so you can use your preferred ebook reading app, you are not vendor locked in like with Amazon Kindle for example.

Logo Smashwords Access for AndroidHowever, their website is not very mobile device friendly, finding a book and downloading it onto your mobile devise is, frankly speaking, a pain in the butt.

This problem is addressed by the SmashwordsAccess for Android app. It lets you browse for books and download them directly to your favorite reader app on your Android device.

Check it out in the Google Play market:
Get it on Google Play

Developing this app gave me the opportunity to look into the exiting Android development process. A natural environment for a Java developer. Smashwords Access is not too big for a first app but at the same time it’s not just a Hello World example.

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